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Fly-In Program

During a one- or two-day Fly-In, you'll learn and experience firsthand the cutting-edge equipment developed by Rite-Hite, including: dock levellers, vehicle/truck restraints, industrial doors, loading dock seals and shelters, industrial fans, and other industrial safety systems.

Rite-Hite Showroom See Product Demonstrations First-Hand

One of the highlights of a Fly-In is the tour of our product showroom, which displays our industrial products and safety systems. Here you can compare Rite-Hite products head-to-head against products from other manufacturers, which are also on-site. Examine them, put them through their paces, and discover the benefits that set our industrial products apart from others in the loading dock industry.

Throughout your Fly-In, your Arbon Representative will be with you, ensuring you have the opportunity to see all of the Rite-Hite products you’ve requested and have your questions answered.  You can even have the opportunity to visit 'live' sites to witness equipment being used in everday applications.

Arbon Providing Expertise and Experience

Much of the material handling equipment you purchase for your facility is a long-term, substantial investment. You don’t want to get it wrong, and live with decisions that don’t service your loading dock needs effectively. Fortunately, you have access to both your Arbon Representative, who has years of industry experience, and the team of Rite-Hite engineers who have developed our groundbreaking solutions for material handling challenges. Allow them to partner with you to make informed decisions for your facility so you can be assured your industrial equipment will deliver safety, efficiency, and productivity for many years.

The Fly-In Program – On Us

A Rite-Hite Fly-In allows you to see and touch equipment before you invest in it. Whether you are designing or building a new facility, retro-fitting existing space, or trying to elevate your loading dock's safety and workflow, the Fly-In program can be a key step in the process. Customised from the time you land to the time you leave, our Fly-In and showroom tours are an excellent way to solidify your equipment choices. We think it’s so important that your visit is on us! Find out more by contacting your Arbon Representative.