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Vehicle Restraints

The vehicle restraint industry was transformed by the introduction of the Dok-Lok® in 1980. The Rite-Hite® Dok-Lok has evolved as changes and challenges in the vehicle restraint industry have required new, innovative ideas. Truck and dock design and emerging compliance issues have led to new Rite-Hite vehicle restraints that meet the needs of today’s loading docks.

Why choose Rite-Hite Vehicle Restraints?

Rite-Hite Dok-Loks, which are also known as truck restraints, trailer restraints or dock locks, have earned the reputation as the gold standard in truck restraints because they offer:

  • Superior safety, preventing more types of trailer/dock separation than others in the industry
  • Exclusive light communication system, giving FULL-TIME, highly visible communication of the Dok-Lok status to forklift operators on both the loading dock and inside the trailer
  • Superior quality, resulting from high construction standards and cutting-edge designs based on years of research and development
  • Proven reliability, confirmed by an extensive – and continually growing – list of repeat customers

Dok-Lok vehicle restraints have one main goal: to make dock loading safer, in every application. 

Vehicle Restraint Safety Solutions

Rite-Vu™ Light Communication System
Clear visual confirmation of vehicle restraint status is as essential as the vehicle restraint itself. Rite-Hite’s Rite-Vu Light Communication System protects forklift drivers from moving in or out of an unsecured trailer by providing a bright, clear visual display of Dok-Lok status.

Stabilizing Trailer Restraint (STR-4100)
Stabilizing Trailer Restraint is a premium vehicle restraint that prevents vertical and horizontal movement through hydraulics, delivering the smoothest transition between loading docks and trailer beds. Industry-leading hook design secures the trailer's rear impact guard (RIG, or ICC bar), protecting employees from catastrophic accidents.

Rotating Hook Restraints (RHR-1000 and RHR-600)
The original Rite-Hite Dok-Lok has transformed the loading dock industry by preventing most major causes of trailer separation accidents.

Vertical Barrier Restraints (VBR-500 and VBR-300)
Rite-Hite vertical barrier restraints put solid, dependable pressure on the RIG, holding it tight to the loading dock and preventing most basic types of trailer separation.

Wheel-Lok™ Restraints (GWL-2300 and MWL-1300)
Versatile Wheel-Lok restraints service many truck styles: with and without rear impact guards, hydraulic lift gates, low-hanging fenders, and drop frames.

Smooth Transition Dok System®
Create the smoothest path between loading dock and trailer floor by combining the benefits of a Smooth Transition Leveller with the STR-4100 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint which prevents trailer drop.