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Seals & Shelters

Arbon Equipment is proud to offer Frommelt™ dock seals and shelters, the world leader since 1951. Our innovative seals and shelters are well known for superior quality and engineering that addresses problems other seals and shelters don’t. Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, Frommelt dock seals and shelters provide a high-quality, effective solution to customers’ unique environmental challenges.

What Do I Need – Dock Seals or Dock Shelters?

Dock seals offer the greatest sealing efficiency by providing a tight compression seal around the truck top and sides. The tradeoff is that full access to trailer openings is restricted by foam protruding into the opening, and the seals, due to great pressure and friction, are subject to extreme wear. Dock seals are also suited best to smaller door openings and consistent trailer sizes.

Dock shelters give complete unobstructed access to trailer beds, but some models don’t seal as tightly as a dock seal. Shelters provide greater versatility by handling incoming trucks with a variety of sizes and configurations, including tailgates or other extensions. Shelters can also fit larger door openings and are subject to less damage from pressure and friction.

What is the Right Dock Seal or Shelter for You?

The answer is the dock seal/shelter that meets your needs. Every loading dock is different, so an “off the shelf” standard solution is not ideal. Arbon’s exclusive selection of Frommelt dock seals and shelters are custom-designed to a customer’s unique situation and are available in a variety of configurations and budget levels.

Dock Seals Frommelt offers a full range of seals including the most durable dock seal available on the market – the Insulator™. Frommelt dock seals, using exclusive design features and materials, are designed to provide the highest sealing efficiency while protecting the specific areas vulnerable to wear.

Dock Shelters Frommelt dock shelters are engineered to solve the problems others cannot and feature the latest innovations and materials available. Do you need the high efficiency of a dock seal, but the unrestricted access typical of dock shelters? The Eliminator™-GapMaster™ II is the only dock shelter on the market that offers both.

Under-Leveller Seals Eliminate heating or cooling escaping from your loading dock, while preventing dust, bugs, and pests from entering with PitMaster™ Under-leveler Seal from Frommelt. It seals the fourth side of the dock position by sealing the dock leveler pit. Additional components are also available to seal air gaps at the corners of the dock leveller and leveller lip.

Weighted Trailer-Top Seal Minimize damage to freight and eliminate slick surfaces with the RainGuard™ RG-3000, which provides the tightest available seal across the top of the trailer and prevents water, wind or dust from entering the loading dock. 

Hoods Heavy-duty metal and fabric hoods by Frommelt protect your dock seal headers from damage caused by heavy rains, snow, or ice.

Dock Seal/Shelter Upgrades Enhance the performance of your dock seal or dock shelter with upgrades like friction-resistant Durathon™ fabric and Firefighter™ headers.