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In-Plant Lifts

When you need to lower, turn, or tilt product to enhance ergonomics for employees or raise freight, Arbon has the right lift for your needs, including scissor lifts and other specialised lifts for unique applications.

Arbon Australia has teamed up with Australias largest manufacturer of lift tables and freight hoists and can custom make according to your specifications.

Scissor Lifts: The most versatile and widely-used lift option. Scissor lifts primarily reduce worker fatigue and risk of serious injury.

Tilters: Bring small parts or hard-to-reach items within easy reach, typically in bins and baskets. Tilters reduce unnecessary reaching or bending over, a leading cause of back injury.

Turntables: Reduce the need for reaching, twisting, and stretching, particularly in pallet loading and unloading. Turntables give workers the ability to turn the worktable instead of walking around it.

Freight Hoists: An easy and economical way to move materials between levels. Serves as an alternative to forklifts or elevators.

Lift Tables: Move materials from grade to dock height beyond the normal range of a dock leveller for applications with a variety of truck bed heights.

How do you determine what type of lift is best for your facility? It depends on your specific application, including duty cycles, mounting, vertical travel, speed, and capacity. Your Arbon Representative can advise you on the different lift options, so you can evaluate which is the best for your needs.