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Dock Levellers

Innovative loading dock levellers by Rite-Hite® are engineered to keep freight moving efficiently and safely between loading dock and trailer. Choose from numerous dock leveller designs tailored to the specific needs of different facilities and industries. Each dock leveller is constructed with the highest quality to deliver safety, reliability, durability, and the lowest lifetime costs.  

Smooth Transition Dock Levellers – The best path to safety and loading dock productivity

Our industry-leading Smooth Transition levellers, part of the Smooth Transition Dok System®, handle your most demanding dock operations, while providing the smoothest path between the dock floor and the trailer, reducing jolts to forklift operators, product and equipment.

All RH Series Smooth Transition dock levellers have state-of-the-art features: a constant radius rear hinge, two-point crown control, and a new, standard optimised lip chamfer.

Dock Levellers for Every Industry, Facility, and Budget

Hydraulic Dock Levellers
All of our hydraulic dock levellers make freight loading and unloading easier, smoother, and safer. Made with heavy-duty components, hydraulic levellers require minimal maintenance and offer the lowest lifetime ownership costs.

Air-Powered Dock Levellers
Rite-Hite Air-Powered Dock Levellers combine the ease of one-button operation with the efficiency of a low-pressure lifting system and mechanical lip extension.

Mechanical Dock Levellers
Simple to operate, mechanical dock levellers are economical, reliable and well suited for many dock operations.

Specialised Dock Levellers
Rite-Hite leads the way in the research and development of specialised dock levellers for industries with unique loading dock needs.

  • Dual-Dok® lift/leveller system
  • RHE Edge-O-Dock leveller
  • FA fully-automatic truck leveller
  • Railcar ramp
  • LRL dock lift

Truck Levellers and Wheel Risers
Facilities that service a wide variety of truck heights and sizes can still move product quickly using our innovative truck levelling solutions.

Rite-Hite can meet your project management needs
The Genisys™ line of standardised dock levelers may be a smart option for project managers who are juggling tight budgets and deadlines. Your local Arbon Representative can provide specifics on this solution.